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Application Development


With more than 87% market share, Android, IOS and Windows smartphone apps dominate worldwide. A number of potential businesses rely on application development for their business growth. Not only beneficial for different industries, but applications have also proved to be a formidable option for different aspects of business. However, when businesses think of building an application for their business, they are not sure of how to proceed- whether it’s the look and feel or fun aspects that matter more or the business application of them. For this, a full-fledged, experienced application development company can give you better insights into the application purpose and performance and create a result-oriented app for you.

We create android applications that not only meet your requirements but also give you that competitive edge against your competitors. Our android development just goes past the usual development that most service provider gives, we will continue to help you scale your app and continue tweaking it to do more as your organisation grows.

At Trikotec, we create applications in three distinct steps:

First. We get a specification from you, so as to design the application that you really want on the market. We will ask you questions, get your insight, advice while also giving you ideas on how we can better your design process. Our creative team will show you all the possible outcomes your app can be like and also in the process surprise you with some unique designs you never expected.

Secondly. We seat down and start developing the app. Though this is the trickiest part of all three, we have dedicated programmers up to the task ready to create a monster. The time and investment taken in to developing apps really depend on the complexity of your application and its general function. However after this stage is done, we will have finished creating the app and ready to present it to you.

Thirdly. Once your app is done, we test it so as to see if it is really up to the job. If its up to it, we then continue to maintain it and help you market it to your intended audience.

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