The church management system is an online based software system we designed to help church admin and staff to manage the different departments and aspects of their church. The system was designed uniquely to meet most of the problems that churches nowadays face. Our church management system manages the church as a whole, it has three (3) different user accounts, these are user accounts for the church admin, the Pastor and the Cell leader. These users have unique functionalities on the system that help make it easier for tasks to be carried out in any church. The church management system can be applied to mega churches with one venue or multiple churches as well as small churches.

So that you fully grasp how the church management system works, we decided to upload an online demo for you.

The church online management system has 3  types of user accounts, these are the:

  1. Admin accounts
  2. Pastors accounts
  3. Cell Leaders (or equivalent) account

The admin account

This account type is for users that work as the church admin. The admin has super user access and rights to the management system, the admin users are responsible for:  managing church payments, managing and tracking pledges, adding Pastors, adding the member churches (For mega churches or churches with different branches), adding pastors information, adding cell leaders, managing church inventory, manage submitted financial/payment reports, manage submitted church attendance reports, updating church/ministry notices, uploading notices/assignments to Pastors and adding church/ministry media information. To browse how the admin account works, use the credentials below and login to the system by clicking the watch now button.

Please notewhen browsing the demo church management system, please do not change any information on it.

Password 1234

The Pastors account

The pastor account is the account given to all the pastors in the ministry. All pastors will have different login details. The pastors have the ability to: add members to their particular church, add and manage cell leaders, submit as well as manage their church’s attendance. To browse how the pastors account works, use the login credentials below and login to the system by clicking the watch now button:

Password 1234


The Cell Leaders account

The cell leader is responsible for managing the people in their cell group. from their account they can view their cell members infromation, track their attendance of ministry meetings as well as follow up on them. To browse how the cell leader account works use the credentials below and login to the system by clicking the watch now button.

Password 1234

We hope the system has impressed you. Need Add-ons like bulk messaging on it? Contact us and lets add it for you.