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Our Services

We produce the best, no questions on that

Web Design/development

We create the best websites that are targeted at giving your organisation or brand the best online status and appearance on the web. Our talent and design gives you an edge to customers as the quality on your site is unmatched

Systems and Application design

We build scalable and intelligent systems that fit well with your business. Our systems design is not only beautiful in design but also scalable in operations and your custom requests in specification.

Advertising and Marketing/research

Our marketing department makes it a vision to meet your marketing needs in whatsoever format it is. We advertise on the internet electronically, and also physically through the use of banners and billboards. Trust us for a high returns in customers when we work with you.

Online Custom solutions

We create custom systems, client based and online for specific causes, these may range from internet portals, academic portals, live stream sites and basic interaction forums online. We are happy to help you with your I.T based custom solutions.

About Us

We are not only an I.T and Marketing company, we are also involved in the community by helping kids in schools realise their true potential through our seminars. To our business clients we also offer consultancy services for free, we believe inorder to become the best, we need to be well rounded individuals. A company is only as strong as its weakest link. However down here, lets just show you the business side of us
We make the best of what you require be it I.T or Marketing wise

Talking a little about us, we are the guys that are very much passionate about what we do. We believe here at Trikotec that, the quality of our outcome is grossly determined on our inputs in to the service. We also believe that we can only grow stronger as long as our clients or grow stronger. We are aimed at making your business a success, we do not mind the size, we believe any challenge is worth taking. Our company CEO, Tatenda has always shown us and laid a vision in this company that the future is not laid by one, but by many. We are happy to be part and parcel of your activities and also look forward to creating things that will live you on the spotlight, making your brand or organisation, the super power it should be. Trikotec, being an I.T and Marketing based company is the next big thing in these industries, our journey has just begun.

  • Website design

    The best in the industry

  • systems and application design

    Scalable and intelligent systems

  • Marketing and advertising

    A great way to bring customers to you

  • Online Custom solutions

    Custom made, means uniquely made to us


We have the best talent that has ever entered the market. Gifted individuals, dedicated to producing the best. Below is the management of our company, starting with the CEO, the highly esteemed Tatenda Zinyama.
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Tatenda Zinyama

Chief Executive Officer
Tatenda is a talented well disciplined individual who is determined to taking the company to greater heights. Tatenda is the founder of the company and serves as the chairman to the board of directors in Trikotec.
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Timothy Ngwenya

Chief Operating Officer
Timothy holds a bachelor of accountancy as well as business management from the university of capetown, he also holds a masters degree in strategic management. Timothy serves as the COO of Trikotec.
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Grace Gomo

Marketing Director
Grace has a bachelors degree in international marketing as well as a masters degree in business administration and strategic management. She is currently the Merketing director.
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Sam Katanda

Managing Director
Sam Katanda has a higher national Diploma in business management and also has a bachelors degree in accountancy. He is currently doing his masters degree in strategic management. He currently serves as the managing director.

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